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4 Reasons Why Many Love "SHERA Splendid Plank"

If you are fascinated by the texture of natural wood, you must know "SHERA Splendid Plank" which is an innovative plank favoured by many house lovers because of its great features as follows.

1. Looking More Natural: "SHERA Splendid Plank" comes with a delicate pattern that is natrual-like, brining you closer to nature. It can also be used with modern-style houses or interior decoration.

Different styles between "SHERA Splendid Plank," and "SHERA Plank"

2. Screwless: Another special feature of "SHERA Splendid Plank" is that it has a lap siding, so each plank will cover the screw marks of another completely, making it look smoothly spectacular.

"SHERA Splendid Plank," easy to install without screw marks

The wall of Curry Leaf Restaurant in India

3. Durable in Any Weather Conditions: Made from world-standard fibre-cement, "SHERA Splendid Plank" is durable against any weather conditions and even when it is flooded without decaying, shrinking or bending, suitable for exterior purposes. It is also resistant to termites and comes with a 50-year warranty.

4. Also Vertically Spectacular: Even with a different design in a vertical pattern, "SHERA Splendid Plank" still goes along because of its natural-like pattern and lap siding which make the wall look screwless and spectacular, comparable to that made of real wood.

You can find "SHERA Splendid Plank" at any leading constructions material shops or resellers near you by searching for them in the link below.
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