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6 Cool Ways to Shade Your House from Sunlight

Sunlight is another factor that heats up the house, especially in summer like now when sunlight is extra strong and hot. WE SHERA team would like to share with you some tips of how to shade your house from the summer sun.

1. Roof: The roof is the most important part that helps protect your house from sunlight, so it should be made of the kind of material that does not hold heat and can reflect the heat off well. It should also be of pale colour because the darker the colour, the more heat the roof absorbs. Plus, heat insulation should be installed above the ceilings to lessen the heat that gets through the house.

2. Eaves: For houses in a tropical country, their eaves should be extended for at least 1 metre from the house so they can effectively protect it from sunlight and rain, especially the ones in the west and the south where sunlight shines through for a longer period of time than other directions.

3. Walls: The side of the house where sunlight shines on for a long time is often hotter than other sides. But you can lessen the heat by having 2 layers of walls. This can be done by putting metal profiles on the interior walls, and then installing heat insulation before covering them with SHERA Board or gypsum boards.

4. Blinds: Blinds can help filter sunlight that get into the house while still allowing you to see the view outside without making the atmosphere inside too confined. There are many types of blinds such as wooden blinds, SHERA Blinds, vinyl blinds or aluminum blinds.

5. Curtains: Curtains are suitable for spots where sunlight shines through all day, or where privacy is needed. For houses in general, normal curtains will do, but for a room in a tall condominium without trees or anything to filter sunlight, opaque curtains or ones coated with UV protecting chemicals should be used for better protection.

6. Trees: Large trees or climbers that can serve as curtains can also filter sunlight and add more shades to your house, cooling the house down effectively. You should grow the trees or climbers in the west or south where sunlight shines through the longest in a day.

With all these tips, you will be able to shade your houses to protect your family from the strong sunlight. Feel free to adopt any of them.
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