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5 House Problems That Must Be Dealt with Soonest

Sometimes, seemingly small house problems are signs of unexpected bigger problems. These 5 problems are the most frequently found and serious ones you should cope with as soon as possible.

1. Structure: The house structure such as the pillars, beams, floors, as well as the walls have to bear the whole weight of the house. If they are damaged, the house may subside or deteriorate which can be harmful to you and your family. So, if you find some structural problems such as a crack on the beam, pillar or wall, or an inclined pillar, consult with an expert or an engineer as soon as you can.

2. Electricity System: Problems related to the electricity system, even a small spot, can be harmful such as electric leakage, worn-out wires or deteriorating switches and outlets. These can also cause fire and even lead to fatality. If any of such problems is found, make sure to have a technician fix it and remember not to fix anything by yourself if you are not experienced enough.

3. Water Stains: Water stains on the ceiling or window frame may be a sign that there is water leakage in the house. If such a problem occurs, you have to find the origin of the leakage and fix it. For example, the stains on the ceiling may be caused by the broken roof or the bathroom and the drains. The stains around the window may mean that there is a gap in the joints between the window and its frame.

4. Clogged Drains: If the drain is clogged and cannot carry off water in time, the water being held may be the source for mosquitos to lay eggs in, and may also smell unpleasant. In monsoon season, especially, the water may collect so much that it causes other problems to your house. To prevent these problems, often check and clean the drains or ditches.

5. Decaying Wood: Sunlight, rain, moisture and termites can cause wood to decay easily. Without good maintenance for a period of time, wooden furniture and part in the house such as door/window frames may start to decay, and the decaying spot can become a large hole if neglected for a long while, allowing insects to nest in. So, it is better to immediately fix any decaying wooden furniture or part found, or if it is too late to fix, replacing them is the best idea. For long-term maintenance, you may change to wood substitute furniture or part which look similar to actual wood but is more durable such as SHERA Wood. Made of fiber-cement, SHERA Wood is resistant to termites and durable in any weather conditions.

If there is any of such problems in your house, you should immediately fix it before it becomes a bigger one, for your safety and good life quality.
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