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5 Frequently Found Problems When Renovating a House

Renovating a house is one way to make it new and livable again. But if the process is not carefully planned, you may end up having troubles with it. Today, we SHERA team would like to share with your 5 frequently-found problems of renovating a house so that you can be prepared from the start.

1. Structure Deterioration: The structure of the house has to bear all the weight and the house grows older, the structure deteriorates. Before the renovation, you should have an expert check the pillars, floors, beams, and walls so that you can rest assured that the structure of the house is strong enough to bear all the weight and not going to crack or subside.
2. Lengthy Process: The delay in the renovation can occur due to many reasons. For instance, careless planning before the renovation begins can lead to frequent changes of plan or inadequate material, causing the process to halt in the middle. Plus, the delay can occur if you did not specify the deadline with the contractor nor follow up on the progress.
3. Over-budget: Unexpected things can happen and cost you more money than you have planned. This can be prevented by carefully planning every part of the renovation in detail and try to keep every step under the budget. You should not change the plan suddenly after the renovation has begun because it can cause you to spend more on the new design, materials and wages. However, be sure you have additional 10-15% of the budget you set in case of emergency.
4. Wrong Materials: Problems related to materials often occur due to the fact that the purchase is done before the renovation is planned. This can cause inadequate or unnecessary materials. Lack of the knowledge about materials can also lead to buying wrong types of material. Lastly, if you focus only on cheaply-priced materials without considering the quality, you are likely to end up fixing the house often, which is not worth it in the long term. These problems can be prevented if you carefully make the plan and consult with the expert before purchasing the materials.
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5. Disagreement with Neighbours: Noises, dust and piles of construction materials can disturb your neighbours and cause disagreement between you and them. Before the renovation, you should go talk to your neighbours and let them know when your house will be under the renovation. You should also try to have the workers work only in the daytime, install a net or a canvas to keep the dust away from your neighbours, keep the material piles within your house, and many other things to reduce the in convenience for your neighbours.
You can see that if you are well prepared, these problems can be prevented and your house renovation would be smooth without any problems.
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