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What You Should Know about Strip Wood

Decorating a house with strip wood is becoming trendy as most people want their houses to be airy, relaxing, and close to nature. Today we SHERA team would like to tell you what you should know about strip wood.

What is Strip Wood?

Strip wood is long pieces of wood machined to sheets with specific thickness. It allows light and wind to go through, making the atmosphere airy. It can also be used in many different ways and will fit any part in the house.

SHERA Strip Wood

Types of Strip Wood

Strip wood can be divided into 2 main types:

1. Natural Strip Wood: Although beautiful and natural, this type of strip wood is not so durable because it can shrink and bend due to weather conditions, and even deteriorate. It is not resistant to termites either, so it needs extra maintenance.

Natural Strip Wood

2. Strip Wood Substitute: This type of strip wood can also be called synthetic wood which can be divided to 3 popular types:

- UPVC: This kind of strip wood substitute is made of plastic which is light and easy to install. But you have to carefully select only the high-quality one so that it is durable enough.

- WPC: Made of plastic and wood, this type of strip wood substitute is beautiful, natural-like, and durable against weather conditions. It is however more expensive than other types.

- Fibrecement: This type of substitute is a combination between natural fibre, cement, and sand. It is extra durable to weather conditions and easy to install. Its pattern is also similar to that of natural wood and "SHERA Strip" also falls in this type of strip wood substitute.

Fibrecement Strip Wood (SHERA Strip Wood)


We can modify strip wood and use it in many different ways such as

1. Sunlight Filter: Strip wood can help filter sunlight while still letting wind and light come it, making the atmosphere airier.

2. Fence: A fence made of strip wood can prevent outside people from seeing through clearly, but does not make your house look too confined.

3. Arbour: If you have an arbour made from strip wood, it will look modern and reflect the sense of warmth. That is why many people build walls, ceilings, eaves and other parts of the house out of strip wood.

For those who want to beautify their houses with SHERA Strip, you can take a look at our catalogues in the links below.
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