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6 Tips for Building a House that Promotes Good Health

Good health starts at home. If the environment at home is good, the people in the house are likely to be both physically and mentally healthy. If you are concerned about your family's health, you should follow these 6 tips when building a house.
1. Air Ventilation: The house should be designed to be airy with high ceilings and enough windows and vents. There should not be too much big furniture or it could block the way the wind blows into the house and cause stuffy and hot atmosphere.
2. Light: Make sure there is enough light in every room, so that you can live in the house comfortably without damaging your eyesight. Especially, the area around the stairs and the bathroom and the walkway should not be too dim, or it could cause accidents easily.
Plus, there should be windows or openings to let natural light pass through during the day, because it can freshen and cheer you up, advantageous to your mental health.

Openings made from SHERA Vent Board
3. Noise: Noises can disturb you while sleeping, so make sure your bedroom is built far away from their origins which can be a living room with loud TVs or a garage where cars often pass in and out at night.
For noises from the outside of the house, you may install a door/windows that have very few joints so that the noises can rarely slip through. Soundproof walls are also recommended.

Installing soundproof walls using SHERA Board
4. Materials: The material used for building and decorating a house should be safe for your health and free from any toxins, especially VOCs, which is common in house paint, wallpaper, and some cleaning solution, and formaldehyde usually found in wooden furniture made from MDF or particle boards.
For health enthusiasts, your furniture should be made from fibre-cement SHERA Ply instead of normal ply, because SHERA Ply is free from any harmful chemicals and also resistant to water and mould, usable even in wet areas.

Furniture made of SHERA Ply
5. Decoration: The house should be made simple and mellow. Different shades are suitable for different types of room, and they affect the emotions of the people in the house. For a room that needs to be refreshing and relaxing such as the bedroom and the bathroom, the colour should be of cool tones such as green and blue. The living room and dining room should be painted in a warm hue such as pale yellow and peach.

A bedroom decorated in blue tone with SHERA Vent board, looking airy and mellow
6. Trees: Having a garden around can cool down and liven up the house as well as freshening up the atmosphere. Plus, gardening is an activity that allows you to exercise and relax at the same time.
By adopting all the tips mentioned above, you and your family can certainly live in the house happily with better mental and physical health.

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