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How to Deal with Flooded Houses

Even though floods may leave your house heavily damaged, everything can be fixed. We SHERA team has gathered possible ways to fix house damaged by floods in detail so that those who have suffered from deluges can adopt these solutions to their houses.

1. Floor: If the floor is made of durable materials such as tiles, cement or fibre cement, they are less likely to become damaged, and can be cleaned easily after the floods. But if your floor is made from parquet, it can become swollen and start to peel off. If the parquet is not heavily damaged, you can dry it and lay the floor with it again. Yet, if it is completely damaged, you should change to new one.

2. Walls: if they are wooden, brick, or fibre-cement walls, you should clean and let them dry before applying primer or painting them.
As for gypsum walls, they are likely to become damaged after being flooded, so you have to remove the whole damaged gypsum walls before laying the new ones. For wallpapered walls, they would peel off after being so wet. You can just remove the old wallpaper and let the walls dry for around 1 week before covering them with new wallpaper to prevent the walls from becoming mouldy.

3. Ceilings: In the case that the flood was so high to the ceilings in your house, they can be damaged too. Metal or fibre-cement ceilings can be wiped off of dirts and reused again. For gypsum ceilings, you can let them dry and repaint them again, but if they become soft due to the flood, you have to change ceilings.
Wooden ceilings may become swollen or bent after being flooded and they may cause the whole ceiling structure to bend as well. In this case, you should readjust the structure before installing new ceilings.

4. Doors/Windows: Wooden doors and frames become swollen after being wet for too long. You have to let them dry completely and fix the decayed part before repainting them. If they are heavily decayed, you should change to new ones that are durable against weather conditions and resistant to water and moisture so that they last long.
As for hinges, door knobs and keyholes, which are made of metal, if they are not so damaged, you can just remove the rust and apply oil to stiff part and they will be usable again.

SHERA fibre-cement doors and frames

5.Colour: The colour on the walls are likely to become swollen or peel off after being flooded. To fix this, all the peeling or swollen colour needs to be scraped off and the walls need to be cleaned and let dry. After that, you can apply moisture guard and repaint the walls.

Even a flooded house can be fixed, so you should not drown yourself in sadness. We SHERA team keep our fingers crossed for the flood sufferers and hope they can cope with the plight well.
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