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4 Tips to Build Your Dream House within the Budget

"Going over budget" can be a nightmare for those who are building a house, because not only does it cost you more money than planned, you might also have to stop the construction in the middle due to an inadequate budget. But this problem can be prevented or minimized if you follow these 4 points.

1. Careful Planning: Check your own budget and know how much it can do for you. You should estimate all the costs for the design, materials, and wages by doing some research to check the prices on the market or consulting with an expert for accurate information. Avoid estimating the price by yourself because it might be inaccurate. There may also be other unexpected factors that cause you to spend more than you have planned, so you should spare at least 10-15% more of the whole budget in case of emergency. Such a preparation can help save you from a construction pause due to insufficient money.

2. Fix the House Plan: Whether you hire a professional designer or design the plan by yourself, the plan should be carefully made in detail before the construction begins. Also, avoid changing anything in the plan in the middle of the process, because you may have to spend more on fixing the plan, the wages, and additional materials, which is unnecessary.

3. Choosing the Materials Wisely: There are several types of construction materials, you should consider both the usage and the prices. If the kind of material that you want appears to be expensive, you may choose a substitution with a lower price instead such as changing from actual wood to SHERA wood, or from granite to granite-patterned tiles.
If the owner buys the materials themselves, it is better to buy building materials from a store near your house because it can save you time and transportation cost. You should also make a list of what type of and how much material you need in detail beforehand, because it allows you to buy all the materials required at once, saving a lot of time and preventing the lack of material during the construction. Without a list, if the material you need must be specifically made, you may have to wait so long until the next lot come out.


Granite-patterned Tiles

4. Contractors: You should choose a contractor carefully based on the quality of work, duration, responsibility, and your budget. Try to ask those who have used the contractor's service before so that you know their opinions and satisfaction towards the contractor. Do not pick a contractor because of its cheap wages, as they may come with a low standard, which eventually can cause you to spend more on fixing your house.
After that, make a detailed agreement that is fair to both parties and often follow up on the progress to prevent any irresponsibility.

Just follow these easy tips and your house construction should not go over budget.

But for those whose house construction has already begun and is already over budget, you may have to restrain your desire and pause any part that is unnecessary until you have enough money so that you do not have to be in debt.

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