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7 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

The contractors play an important role in building, decorating as well as mending your house the way you expect. This is why it is important to do some research on and be prepared for house building before hiring a contractor, so that the process can go smoothly.

1. Suitability: Each job has different details and requires different processes. Since different contractors are specialized in different ways, you should make sure that your contractor is the most suitable one for the job you will assign them.

2. Credibility: Check the contractor's profile and previous work in details to make sure that they are professional and responsible contractor who produces good quality work. Try to ask those who have used the contractor's service before so that you know their opinions and satisfaction towards the contractor.

3. Job Details: You should inform your contractor of what they have to do and other relevant details such as the design of the house, types of material, deadlines, etc. so that the contractor can plan their work process and estimate the cost and workforce accurately. Also, you should not change these details too often because it may unnecessarily cause problems and delay.

4. Payment: Generally, the payment is done by tranche depending on your agreement with the contractor on how many traches the payment will be divided to and how much for each tranche. The agreement should be fair to both parties and the payment details and conditions should be specified clearly in the contract to prevent possible violations.

5. Examples: Sometimes, only verbal communication is not enough. You should show the contractors some illustrations of how you want your house to be like so that both of you have the same picture in mind and that the contractor can build a house close to or, even better, exactly the way you want.

6. Knowledge about the Material: Even though some of you may have your contractor fully take care of the material, you still should have some knowledge about the material and how to check whether the material is genuine. This way, you can be check the material yourself and be sure that it is suitable for your house.

7. Signing a Contract: Remember that the contract should always be in a written form which clearly covers all the conditions such as the contractor's responsibility, payment conditions, deadlines, insurance, fine that will be charged if the work is in delay and so on. Both you and the contractor must sign the contract so that it is effective for use in case any condition is violated.

Well preparedness is half done. Make sure you do all the 7 things mentioned above before hiring a contractor and your house building process will be smooth and perfect.
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