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5 Frequently Made Mistakes When Buying Building Material

When building a house, buying the material is one of the most important steps because it directly affects the quality of the house. Since the house is supposed to last for decades, if it is built with bad-quality material, many problems would certainly follow. Today we SHERA team would like to share with mistakes people often make when buying building material.

1. Not Knowing the Properties of the Material: Knowing the material properties allow you to buy the one that meets your requirements at once without having to change or mend it later. If you want to build a wooden house but do not want any termite or swelling problems, instead of natural wood you may use wood substitute such as "SHERA Plank" because it is made of fibrecement and so is resistant to termite and does not shrink or stretch due to weather conditions.

2. Buying the Wrong Type of Material: Some material is designed for a specific purpose, so if you do not use the right one for certain purposes, the material may not last as long, become damaged, or even become out of the warranty conditions. An example is laying a floor with "SHERA Board" instead of "SHERA Floor Board," or laying a floor with "SHERA Plank" instead of "SHERA Floor Plank". Generally, boards and planks are thinner and can bear less weight than floor boards and floor planks. So, too much weight can break boards and planks easily.

SHERA Splendid Plank

SHERA Color Through

3. Buying without a Plan: Planning what type of and how much material you need in details beforehand allows you to buy all the material required at once. This can help you save a lot of time and prevent the lack of material during the construction. Plus, without a plan, if the material you need must be specifically made, you may have to wait so long until the next lot come out. Or if it is natural material such as wood, marble or granite, you may not find the material of the exact same colour/pattern again.

4. Focus on the Low Price: Because of a limited budget, some may buy only cheap material to save money, but cheap material can also be cheap in quality. Instead of saving money, you may end up having to spend more on fixing and changing cheap material you bought, which also wastes your time. It is better to buy building material that suits your house best with a reasonable price.

5. Buying from a Store Far from your House: It is better to buy building material from a store near your house because it can save you time and transportation cost. In case of emergency such as lacking the material or the material being damaged, it will take you shorter to go buy more material at a store near your house.

Avoid making these 5 mistakes and you will be able to buy building material without problems afterwards. For those who are interested in SHERA materials and want more suggestion for buying the proper material, feel free to consult with our professional SHERA team by contacting SHERA Call Center at +66 2 289 9888.
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