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How to Choose the Right House Plan

A good house is not only beautiful but also livable. When building a house, we should select the plan of a house that meets the way we live in the house the most by considering the following.

1. Land: The size and form of the land will determine the size and shape of the house to be built on it. For example, if the land is in a long rectangle form, the floor plan should be in the same form so as to maximize the space in the house.

2. Law: Choose the house plan that conforms to the law from the start to avoid any legal problems, especially in terms of the distance from the edge of the land. Houses in Thailand must spare some gap between the house and the land edge. This also affects the plan of the house.

-If the side of the house that is next to the land edge contains a door/a window/an opening, that side must be at least 2 m. away from the edge. If that side is just an opaque wall, it must be at least 50 cm. away from the edge, or if it has to be on the edge, the owner of the land next to the house must agree to sign on the document with consent.

-An opening or a window must be at least 2 m. away from the edge for a two-storey house, and at least 3 m. for a three-storey house.

3. Inhabitants: The house should have enough space and rooms for all the inhabitants to live in comfortably. There should be enough bathrooms and bedrooms in particular. Plus, the convenience of each inhabitant should be taken into consideration. A house in which elderly people also live in should have at least one bathroom on the first floor so that they do not have to use the staircase.

4. Climate: The house should be suitable for the climate in the area you live in. If it is hot and humid with strong sunlight and frequent rain, the house should have high ceilings and long eaves to prevent heat and rainwater from getting into the house. If the area is often flooded, the first floor should be raised from the ground to avoid any damage from floods.

5. Room Location: The location of each room should be determined by its purpose. The living room or guest room should be in the front part of the house so that it is easy for guests to walk into without passing other parts of the house that might need privacy. The shared rooms such as the kitchen or the dining room should be deeper inside the house. Personal rooms such as the bedroom should be in the deepest part of the house so that outsiders cannot reach it easily and it should not be next to a noisy area such as a garage.
Also, do not forget to consider the direction of winds and sunlight. In Thailand, winds blow from the north and south, so it is suitable to have a room where you spend a lot of time in put in this direction.

After choosing the proper house plan, you and other people in the house should be able to live in it happily and conveniently. Apply all the tips above when you select a house plan and you will get a house that meets your needs the most.
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