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Select the Right Material for the Floor in Your House

Each room in the house has different environment and functions and that is why we have to select an appropriate kind of material for the floor in each room for convenience and safety. The following are some tips for you when choosing floor materials.

1. Bathroom: The bathroom is often wet so the kind of material for the bathroom floor should be resistant to water and not slippery. We recommend ceramic or granite floor tiles with rough texture to prevent the floor from being slippery.

2. Bedroom: Wood or wood substitute is recommended for the floor in the bedroom because it is warm and mild to your feet, suitable for a relaxing atmosphere. You may also use the kind of tiles that can hold coldness well, but avoid using a carpet because it can collect a lot of dust and germs which can cause allergies.

3. Kitchen: Because the kitchen is often filled with moisture and food stains, the floor should be made of durable material that is easy to clean such as tiles, wood and wood substitute. The texture of the floor material should not be too rough or bumpy or else it would be difficult to clean.

4. Living Room: The living room is where the family gathers and it is also used for welcoming guests. Because it is for 'living,' any kind of material would be appropriate for the floor, whether it be tiles, granite, marble, wood or wood substitute.

5. Balcony/Patio: The area outside the house is exposed to both sunlight and rain, so the material used for the floor should be extra durable such as wood substitute or tiles. Natural wood is not recommended for an exterior floor because it can shrink and stretch due to weather conditions, and it can swell so much that it causes gaps between the joints.

If there is a living corner on the balcony or patio where furniture is often moved around, you may use SHERA Color Through, a fibre-cement floor plank which is painted thoroughly both inside and outside from the factory and so can remain beautiful even when scratched or pierced. SHERA Color Through is also durable to rough weather conditions without shrinking and stretching.

Your life can become easier if you select the right kind of floor material. If you are interested in using other SHERA products to beautify and perfect your house, you can find them at any resellers in your country or contact us at SHERA Call Center Tel. +66 2 289 9888
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