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4 Signs That You Are Having a Roof Leak

Nobody wants a roof leak in monsoon season because it is difficult to fix the roof while it rains almost all day. So, if you notice these following signs, make sure to deal with them before they bring you more problems.

1. Light: If you notice that light from the outside of the house shines through the ceiling, it indicates that the roof tiles in that area are broken or the joints between them are not tightly connected, causing rainwater to leak in.

2. Water stains: If there is any water stain on the ceiling, or if the ceiling is deteriorating, that means there is a leak around the area where rainwear keeps dropping from. To fix this, you need to know where exactly the leaking spot and how big it is because the leaking spot does not necessary have to be in the same area as the water stains.

3. Sinking Roof: A roof that sinks so much can cause the roof tiles to break open which allows rainwater to seep through the house. Plus, an abnormally sinking roof indicates that the roof structure is problematic. Immediately consult technicians if your roof is sinking too much in order to prevent further harmful problems.

4. Cracks/joints: if the roof tiles are worn out, broken or moved away from where they should be or if the joints between the tiles do not overlap each other enough and leave some gaps open, rainwater can definitely seep through the house. Also, if you notice a lot of fungi on certain area on the roof, know that that area may have broken tiles where water flows through before dripping into your house.

If you see any of the mentioned signs, be sure to fix it as soon as possible. Leave it too long and bigger problems that are more difficult to fix will follow, causing you to waste money and time as well as worsening your mental health.

For those who want a new roof, you should consider a kind of roof tiles that are designed specifically to minimize leaking problems such as SHERA Zedar Shake which comes with Inter-Lock system that prevents water from seeping through the tiles even without a subroof. With naturally beautiful patterns, SHERA Zedar Shake is also durable and easy to install. Find SHERA Zedar Shake at any reseller near your house or at SHERA Call Center Tel. 02 289 9888.

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