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Renovating a 30-year-old Building into a New Hostel with SHERA Materials

Loft style is liked by many people because of the uniquely rough and bare texture of the materials used and the structure, as well as the spectacular contemporary appearance. That is why Varayut Horkaew chose to renovate this 30-year-old building to a loft-style hostel and perfectly combined it with a biker-friendly theme under the name Unit 33, situated near Kata Beach, Phuket.

As Varayut said, in most loft-style houses the fundamental structure and the walls are often made of metal materials and bricks, but since this building is already over 30 years old, the structure would bear too much weight if the same kind of materials were used. So, after looking for a different kind of material, he found SHERA which is made of fibre cement and, unlike metal and bricks, it is much lighter and easier to install, a perfect substitution.

With the kind of material he wanted, Varayut then started to disassemble both the interior and exterior walls before renovating the whole building to a loft-style hostel as he intended.

As for the facade. Varayut used fibre-cement SHERA Board which is light but very durable in all kinds of weather conditions, instead of large and heavy metal boards. The new walls were then painted to imitate metal while resin knots were put on the walls with epoxy so they resemble metal knots and screws.

The interior walls were fully furnished in a quirky loft-style with bare brick-like walls made of SHERA Wall Ceiling Skirt. They were painted to imitate the colour of natural bricks with 3 different shades, and then cut to the size of real bricks and put on the wall using adhesive mortar.

The poles and beams were also decorated in loft style with fibre-cement SHERA Board painted to imitate actual metal so the structure looks as if it were made of metal.

The second floor was completely renovated using fibre-cement SHERA Board as partitions to separate the rooms. The boards are also used to decorate the toilet walls and they are covered with tiles.

Plus, SHERA Board was creatively adapted into chic picture frames which perfectly fit this loft-style building.

Varayut shared with us an impressive story about the renovation with SHERA materials;

"Personally, I chose SHERA Board because it is light than actual bricks so I can use it without having a beam for a support. Because the board is light, the building should be able to bear the weight better. Also, SHERA Board can be used for exterior purposes because it is resistant to termites and rainwater, especially in this area where it often rains heavily, and it does not shrink nor stretch due to the weather conditions either. SHERA Board meets my needs in terms of time taken for installation and price. For those who want to renovate an old building into a new one, selecting the materials is important because if you use heavy materials with an old building, it won't be able to bear the weight well. I use SHERA materials with Unit 33 because it is light and so suitable for the renovation of this 30-year-old building. "

We SHERA team would like to thank the staff from Unit 33, Phuket and Varayut Horkaew for sharing such an inspiring renovation with us. If you are interested in using SHERA materials for building renovation, decoration or construction, feel free to consult with us at SHERA Call Center Tel. 02 289 9888.
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