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6 Ways to Beautify Your Wall without Painting It

It is undeniable that the most popular way to decorate a wall is to paint it because it is easy and cheap. But if any of you find painting the wall too mainstream, try these following tips that would wow whoever see your wall.
1. Wallpaper: Just use wallpaper on your empty wall and it can cover all the stains and marks while adding more colours and patterns to it, making the house more livable. Plus, there are so many patterns of wallpaper available for you to choose or change.
2. Wood or wood substitute: One characteristic of actual wood is its classic, warm and soft-looking pattern and that is why it has been popular for a long time. But natural wood is sometimes pricey and difficult to maintain, so more and more people have turned to wood substitute instead. An example is SHERA Wood which can save the installation cost and prevent problems like termites or shirking and stretching due to the weather.

A wall decorated with SHERA Splendid Plank
3. Stones: Stones have uniquely different texture and can be very spectacular, so they are favoured by many who like decorating their house with stones. They can be marble, granite, slate or sandstones. Some may use them to decorate all the walls in the house, while others may use them just for one wall for a distinctive and quirky style.
4. Bare cement: Completely revealing the true texture of cement can create a quirky and chic loft-style. However, it requires technical expertise to effectively beautify the house with bare cement because it is considered a kind of handmade artwork of which the textures, colours and patterns in two house are never the same.
5. Bricks: Showing the texture of the brick is also popular for loft-style houses like bare cement. But if you want to cover the wall that is made of cement or that is already painted with actual bricks, the wall may have to bear too much weight. So, it is better to use other materials that look like actual bricks to decorate the wall instead. At Unit 33 Village at Kata Beach, Phuket, for instance, SHERA Ceiling Skirt was modified to imitate an actual brick wall and it is not any less beautiful than the real one.

A brick-like wall made of SHERA Ceiling Skirt at Unit 33 Village at Kata Beach, Phuket
6. Readymade panels: Nowadays we have such high technology that allows us to have readymade panels with patterns. SHERA Deco Board, for example, is a readymade panel which has a beautiful pattern with dimensions. After the installation, you can just paint the board and it will become a beautiful wall suitable for your house. It also shortens the decoration process, making your life easier.

SHERA Deco Board

SHERA Deco Board
If you like any of the tips above, feel free to share with us by commenting below. You are also welcome to chitchat with us about ideas for house construction and decoration on our Facebook at

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