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How to Build a Convenient and Safe House As a gift for your Mother

The great happiness for most families is getting to be together in a home sweet home. This coming Mother's Day, we would like to help those who plan to give their mother and family a house by sharing some tips to build a convenient and safe house.

1. Convenient: A good house does not have to be big or expensive, but it should meet the lifestyle of the people in the house. For example, it should have enough bedrooms and bathrooms and a proportioned kitchen that does not stink or cause smell to bother the people in the house. The inside of the house should be airy and well-ventilated with enough light for a clear atmosphere and comfort.

2. Safe: The house should stay durable and secure to prevent any burglars from breaking into it. Spots where accidents are likely to occur should be paid attention to. For example, the bathroom floor should be made of tiles with rough surface and the wet zone should be separated from the dry zone to prevent slipping. Handrails should be installed along the staircase and the stairs should not slope too much. Also, there should not be too many different levels on the same floor as it can cause stumbling and, again, the floor should be covered with a kind of material with rough surface, wood, or SHERA wood.
If possible, the bedroom of your mother or your elderly relatives should be on the first floor so that they do not have to walk up and down the stairs which can cause them to have accidents or aching legs and knees.

SHERA Color Through

3. Warm: Create a warm atmosphere in your house by decorating it in light tone of colour with soft-looking furniture and decorative stuff. There should also be a common area for the family to do activities together such as a living corner, a dining corner or a relaxing corner in the garden.

4. Durable: Your house should be built with materials of high quality and handled by a certified contractor from the start to prevent the house from deteriorating untimely. Doing so can also prevent you from wasting your money, time, and mental health as you would not have to bother with fixing the house too many times.

SHERA Materials come with a 50-year warranty to assure you of their durability.

5. Lively: For your parents and the family members who no go to work, living in the house all day can bore them. You may have a garden for them to relax in and to spend their time tending to the flowers and trees in it.
Besides, if the atmosphere in the house it too dry, having indoor trees, a decorative fountain, or an aquarium with beautiful fish can liven up the house effectively.

With these 5 tips, you can have a safe and convenient house for your mother or your loved ones and live with them happily.
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