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Dealing with Swollen Door/Window Frames and Mold in Monsoon Season

In this monsoon season, the door/window frames outside are exposed to rain all the time and those that are made of wood can be a source for mold and fungi or become swollen, making it difficult to open and close the doors or windows. To prevent these problems, many experts do not suggest using wooden door/window frames in the areas exposed to the weather conditions outside of the house.

But when the problems arise, how do we solve them? Here are some answers.

1. Getting rid of mold: If there is mold or fungi on the door/window frames, use disinfectant chemical or bleach until it is completely clean. Then, apply moisture guard or germicide to prevent the same problem.

2. Shave some wood off: the door/window frames can become swollen because of moisture which makes it hard to open and close. You can shave off some extended part so that the door/window can be shut tightly. However, once the weather is cold, the wood can shrink and so the shaved part will instead become a gap between the door/window and the frame.

An example of the shaved door frame (Cr:

3. Change frames: If the problem cannot be solved with the above mentioned methods, or if you want long-term prevention, it is better to use the kind of door/window frame that is durable against the weather and resistant to mold and fungi such as vinyl (UPVC), aluminum, or fibre-cement frames.

Vinyl frames (UPVC)

Aluminum frames

If you want a wooden frame that is as beautiful as the actual wood and extra durable, we suggest "SHERA Frames," a high-quality fibrecement frame durable in all kinds of weather condition without shrinking or stretching. With SHERA Frames, you have no need to worry about the frame becoming swollen or shrinking and it is also resistant to water, mold, and termites.

SHERA Frames, made of high-quality fibrecement

In this monsoon season, other than the door/window frames, other parts of the house may also become damaged. So we at SHERA have already provided you with some useful advice to cope with the problems that come with rain in the link below.

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