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Advice on How to Build a Modern-style House

A modern-style house may be a dream house for many because of its modern and luxury appearance. But building a modern-style house that is convenient and perfectly beautiful is not easy because it was not originally designed for tropical countries.

Getting to Know Modern-style Houses

Modern-style houses are influenced by the buildings in the western countries during the Industrial Revolution. Back then, people wanted to maximize resources, so they reduce other unnecessary components and only the simple structure was remained. It still met the lifestyle of the people in the past.
That is why most modern-style houses are in a simple geometric shape with clear space inside and large glass windows. There are not so many details in the building of this style. Some of them in cold countries may look just like a large box with a flat roof without tiles nor eaves because there are not as much rain and sunlight compared to those in tropical countries.


Modern-style houses look luxury and modern and is also easy to maintain. You can decorate the house easily as the structure is not so complex. The simple structure also helps you save money and time for the construction when compared to other types of house.
But this style of house does not look as homey as other kind of house and many of its components are not suitable for tropical countries. Its flat roof directly receives sunlight and rain, causing the house to heat up and deteriorate easily. The large glass windows also let too much sunlight and heat get into the house.

Advice on Building a Modern-style House

1. Adjust the house to be suitable for the weather: Change some spots to cope with sunlight and rain such as

- Having a slight sloping roof to carry off rainwater and also covering the roof with tiles that can protect your house from and reflect heat so that it does not heat up too much. You may also install insulation on top of the ceiling to cool down the house.

A modern-style house from Narasiri Hideaway with Ha Huang Trilon Cool roof tiles to cool down the house

- Not installing large glass windows in the direction where sunlight shines through completely such as in the east or the west, or else the house would be too hot. It is better to have opaque walls instead. The large glass windows should be in the direction where it hardly receives sunlight directly and a blind or a curtain can also be used to filter sunlight.

- Having eaves extended from the house so they can give shades and protect the house from sunlight and heat that can get into the house through the windows, doors and walls. The eaves can also protect the house from rain.

A modern-style house from Eak Andaburi Village with an extended eave to protect the house from rain and sunlight (using SHERA Board)

2. Reduce roughness: Extremely modern style may make the people in the house feel uncomfortable. You can make the house more livable by decorating it with wood substitute, marble, curvy furniture, soft sofas and green trees. All of these can make the atmosphere more relaxing.

3. Meeting the requirement of the inhabitants: Even though a modern-style house is focused on clearness, simplicity and modernity, the functions of the house itself are also important. The house must meet the lifestyle of those who live in it. It should be convenient and safe to live in, especially for a family in which there are children or elderly people because the extremely modern style may not be suitable for a large family. For example, children or elderly people can easily slip and fall from a floating staircase which is a part of the modern-style house.

With the advice given above, you can now combine the modern style and your lifestyle together perfectly.
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