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9 Important Spots You Need to Check During House Inspection

Inspecting the house is the last step you need to do before accepting the house. You need to make sure that every nook and corner in the house is fine because it is a lot more complicated to try to have the technicians fix any flaws or problems found after you accept the house. We recommend you to start checking these following 9 spots for a start.

1. Roof: The roof must not be broken or twisted and it should be well laid. More importantly, make sure there is no leakage by spraying water all over the roof. If you see any water drop on the floor or the ceilings inside the house, that means your roof is broken and immediately needs fixing before the bigger problems follow when it rains.

2. Wall: The walls must be upright without any cracks or stretch marks. Do not forget to check how well the walls are coated with cement, how neatly the cornices are installed, how properly the wallpaper is laid or how smoothly the room is painted.

3. Door/Window: Make sure that door/window frames, handles, doorknobs, locks and hinges are properly installed in the right position. You should try opening and closing the doors and windows to make sure they can be shut tightly. Also make sure that the locks/doorknobs can be used just fine.

4. Floor and Staircase: Make sure that the floor is smooth and level. As for the floor in wet areas such as bathroom, it has to slightly slope to carry off water fluently. Try walking up and down the staircase to test the strength of the staircase and the handrails. While you are walking, the staircase must not sink, sway, nor be creaky.

5. Colour: The colour painted to the house must be smooth and even throughout the house. There should be no stains nor peeling off. Make sure you have the technicians fix any flawed or poorly painted part found.

6: Crack: If any crack is found, you should have the technicians fix it before signing the contract indicating you accept the house, especially if it is a structural crack such as that in the beam or on the ceiling. Vertical or diagonal cracks in the middle of the wall are considered dangerous and if you find any, immediately consult with an engineer.

7. Water System: Check how the water flows and make sure the draining system and the water meter can work properly. Try using every faucet and if the meter still runs while the faucet is off, it is likely that there is water leakage.

8. Electric System: Try turning the lights on and off and plugging in and switching on all the electric devices in the house to check if the electricity runs through all of them. Also check the switchboard and try switching off every electric device to see whether the meter still runs. If so, your house may have leakage current.

9. Sanitary System: You should try using the toilets, bidets, faucets, and all the sanitary ware to make sure they work properly and not broken. Also check whether the overflow and draining systems work properly.

The most important thing before accepting the house is your careful inspection of the house. It is best to have a checklist of what you need to inspect so that you do not overlook any single part. You may also bring an expert to help you check the house, because just one overlooked flaw can cause you to deal with your under-standard house for a long time.
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