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7 Tips to Cope with House Problems in Monsoon Season

Monsoon season often brings with it problems to our house, we at SHERA would like to give you some tips to deal with such problems you may encounter:

1. Roof: You must be careful of water seepage around the angle ridges, the overlapping parts and the joints between the roof and the wall. Immediately fix any broken part found and replace worn-out roof tiles. Do not forget to clean the gutter so that the water can be released fluently, not flowing back to damage the ceilings.

2. Wall: During monsoon season, rain water may seep through the cracks on the walls. If the cracks are small, you can fix them by yourself using waterproofing acrylic, polyurethane, or cement. If the cracks are too big, you should fill the cracks before applying the waterproofing chemical over them.

3. Door/window: when it is raining heavily, rain water may seep through the joints between the frames and cement walls. Use polyurethane or silicon sealants to fix the seepage. You may install an awning or extend the house with an eave over the door and the window to prevent the rain from splashing into the house.
Plus, wooden doors/windows/frames may become swollen after being wet for some time and you would not be able to shut the doors/windows tightly, not to mention that fungi might on over them. You should use materials that are durable in the weather condition since the beginning such as SHERA fibrecement doors and frames for long term durability.

SHERA fibrecement frames

4. Floor: Oftentimes, moulds and moss collect on the floor because of rain water, making it dirty and slippery and causing accidents easily. So, you should always clean the floor for the safety of your family and yourself.

5. Drain: Always clean the drains around your house by removing garbage, fallen leaves, and clay out of them to prevent them from becoming blocked up. If not, waste water may overflow around the house when it is raining so heavily that the drains cannot release all the water in time.

6. Garden: Cut off those sticks near your house and your car park because if the storm comes they may fall onto and cause damages to both the house and the car. Newly planted trees should be supported so that they can stick to the ground by themselves instead of bending or falling easily. Plus, you should inject anti-fungi chemicals into the trees to prevent the fungi to grow in such humid weather.

7. Electrical equipment: Always check the wires, bells in front of the house and lamps in the garden carefully to make sure that they all are in good condition. If they are wet, electrical short might occur and it is harmful to those who are near them.

Just make sure you follow the 7 tips mentioned above and you would not encounter any house problems due to monsoon season. Feel free to share them with your neighbours and those you care about for their safety.
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