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The Type of Roof Suitable For Tropical Country

It is often extremely sunny and rainy in tropical countries like Thailand and other countries in Asia. So the roof of the house must be able to protect the people in the house from sunlight and rain. Since different types of roof can deal with weather conditions differently, do you know which one is the best for your house? Let's check it out.
1. Gable-shaped Roof: This kind of roof is a high triangle one with lots of space under it, allowing only little heat to get through the house and helping release the heat well. It is also rather sloping which helps carry rainwater off better than a less sloping or flat roofs. Gable-shaped roofs are the most suitable for houses in a tropical country.

A gable-shaped roof (using SHERA Zedar Shake).

A gable-shaped roof
2. Hip-shaped Roof: Looking like a pyramid, this type of roof covers all sides of the house, oftentimes on the left, right, front and back sides with a center on the topmost of the roof. Compared to the gable-shaped, the hip-shaped roof is less sloping, so it does not help block and release the heat as well as the gable-shaped roof. But since it covers all the four sides of the house, it can protect the house from sunlight and rain very well.

A hip-shaped roof (using Ha Huang Granada roof tiles).

A hip-shaped roof
3. Manila-shaped Roof: This roof is a mix between the hip-shaped and the gable-shaped roofs. The upper part, like a gable-shaped roof, protects the house from and releases heat well, while the lower part covers all sides of the house protecting it from sunlight and rain like a hip-shaped roof.

A Manila-shaped roof (using Ha Huang Single roof tiles).

A Manila-shaped roof (using Ha Huang Trilon Platinum Series Roof Tiles)
4. Sloping-shaped Roof: This is a flat and sloping roof. The front part of the roof is often built higher that the back one, so it can carry off rainwater well but may not be able to protect the house from sunlight so well as the front roof is high. There should be eaves overhanging form the front part of the roof longer than other parts to block sunlight.

Sloping-shaped Roof

Sloping-shaped Roof (using SHERA Eave)
5. Flat-shaped Roof: This flat roof can be a little sloping to carry off rainwater. There is no empty space under this type of roof so it allows heat to pass through the house easily. If used in a tropical country, heat insulation should be installed on the ceiling. Anti-leakage chemicals should also be applied.

Flat-shaped Roof.

Flat-shaped Roof.
If you have decided which type of roof you want, you can search for some suggestion for choosing or installing the roof tiles, or consult with us at SHERA Call Center: +66 2 289 9888. You can also watch out video clips at SHERA Solution Channel by clicking the link below: