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Adjust your Feng Shui for Better Fortune and Health

It's almost Thai New Year! For those who have a plan to decorate or renovate their houses to celebrate the festival and to improve Feng Shui at the same time, try these following tricks. Not only can Feng Shui enhance your fortune, it can also improve your mental and physical health if its principles are followed correctly.
1. Make It Airy: According to Feng Shui, if the house is airy and well ventilated without any obstacles, the energy called "Chi" can circulate better in the house, bringing more luck to the family. Specifically, the front part of the house and the front door should be free of any obstacle because it is believed to be the first stage that welcomes all the fortune.
If the house is airy, the family would feel more comfortable with it being well-ventilated and less dusty and they are less likely to get sick because of germs.
2. Enough Light: There should be enough light throughout the house at all time. It can be electric or natural light. If the house is too dark, the energy called "Yin" would occupy the house and cause "the dark-room misfortune" which can block fortune and cause mental and physical health problems. Accident will less likely occur in a house with enough light.
3. Maintenance: any worn-out parts in the house is considered inauspicious and must be fixed, especially the spots with leakage or broken materials which can cause all the fortune to leak out. If any part in the house looks so old it could break, it should be renewed or replaced so that the house can bring in more fortune. More importantly, keeping the house beautiful and new contributes to the safety and better mental health of the family.
4. Furniture Position: Try not to place the furniture where it blocks the way people walk by as it may also block the fortune and cause accidents to the people in the house. The bed and the working desk should be placed next to the wall for financial and career stability. Avoid putting them opposite the door as it can cause the money to leak out and bring about obstacles. It may also cause you to feel paranoid while sleeping and so lack of sleep, or cause you to be distracted from work easily.
5. Add More Green: Green symbolises growth and wealth, so you should add more green to the house by decorating the eastern part of the house and the front part that faces the south with green stuff. You may have some green plants around the house as the greenery is the source of positive energy that can bring you more fortune.
Green can also freshen you up and make you feel relaxed. Those who have to stare at the computer screen or read books for a long time can give their eyes a rest by looking at anything green.
6. Draw More Fortune with Water: If you have some space left in front of the house, you may build a pond or a small pool as they are believed to bring more fortune to the house. You may have a fish pond or a fountain of which the water is flowing as a sign of fortune circulating in the house at all time. Avoid having the pond in the west as it may cause a lack of fortune. The pond and the sound of the water flowing can ease up the family. If you have a bigger pond, the wind may also blow water vapour from the pond into the house, which helps cool it down.
After following the above-mentioned tricks, don't forget to always keep every part of the house clean so that your house is both auspicious and free of germs.

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