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How to Renovate Your House to Impress Tenants/Second-hand House Buyers

Many of you who own an old house where no one lives in anymore but do not want it to be left useless must have a plan to renovate the house so that it can be rented or sold in a good price. If you do not know how to renovate your house to impress the tenants/second-hand house buyers, we have some suggestions for you.

1. The Environment: When renovating the house, do not focus only on having lots of space or additional functions, but you must also pay attention to the environment for your convenience and safety. Pay special attention to the ventilation and the skylights so that the house is not too hot, too stuffy, nor too dark. Also, beware of burglars and fire.

2. Full Functions: You may want to add or change some functions of your house when renovating it in order to up its value and to impress the tenants or the buyers easier. You may add more partitions to divide more rooms or enlarge the kitchen or the garage's roof. Make sure that the utilities such as electricity, water supply, and telephone are ready to use.

3. High-quality Materials: The quality of the materials is one of the first things the tenants or the buyers would consider because they effect the strength, the useful life and the image of the house and would be with the house for a long time. You should also be meticulous about the materials of every part from the structure such as the floor, the walls, the ceilings and the roof tiles to the details such as the doors, the windows, the sanitary ware and the built-in furniture.

Built-in kitchen made of SHERA Ply

Chao Fa Garden, Phuket, using Ha Huang Granada roof tiles

4. Catchy Decoration: Beautiful houses always made people want to live in them, so you should decorate every part of your house beautifully focusing on the style that is of your tenants or buyers' like. The house may be decorated in a neutral tone with a style to attract most people easily.

A simply beautiful floor with SHERA Floor Plank Color Through

For those who have a plan to renovate your house using SHERA products, you canconsult with our experts at SHERA Call Center Tel. +66 2 289 9888 or find a local dealers near you in the link below
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