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6 Tips to Cool Your House Down for This Summer

Since summer is coming, many of you may worry that your house will get too hot. Not only can the heat make us feel uncomfortable, it can also have negative effects on your mental health. We at SHERA would like to give you some tips to cool down your house for this coming summer.
1. Roof: More than 70% of the heat in the house is caused by the roof. Try to protect your house from sunlight and heat as much as possible by using aluminum foil under the roof or thermal insulation over the ceilings. Those who are looking for new roof tiles, select ones that can effectively reflect the heat and is of pale colour which absorbs the heat less than the darker hues such as Ha Huang Kool Series Roof Tiles which can reflect the heat up to 80% and save the energy by 30%.

Thermal insulation

Ha Huang Trilon Kool (Photos: WE/2 Prueksa Project)
2. Sunlight filter: strong sunlight shining through the house can increase the temperature, especially houses with large doors or windows. Try using sunlight filters such as an awning, strip sunlight filters, vent boards, or a curtain to help cool down the house.


SHERA Vent Board
3. Colour shades: You should mainly paint your house with pale hues as the darker ones absorb more heat into the house. If you want to repaint the house, summer is the suitable time to do so because the colour can get dry faster than in other seasons. Plus, don't forget to apply moisture guard and primer before painting so that you don't have to worry about the peeling or fungus problems during rainy season.
4. Ventilation: You should make sure your house is well-ventilated as much as possible to get rid of the heat. Often leave the windows open when the air conditioner is off. The furniture should not block the way the air comes in to the house. You may install a ventilating fan to help get rid of the heat.
5. Electric Appliances: Some electric appliances emit heat while they are on, causing the house to become hotter such as the refrigerator or the rice cooker. We should keep them away from the bedroom or the area we usually relax in. If possible, these appliances should not be in the room next to that having an air conditioner otherwise it would have to work harder and consume more energy.
More importantly, don't forget to clean your air conditioner once every 4-6 months so that it can work effectively with faster cooling process and fresher air.
6. Environment: Planting trees around the house (or along the balcony) can help make the atmosphere more shady and relaxing. If you have lots of space, you may cover the soil in the garden with grass to cool the area down. You may also have a pond in front of the house so that the wind can blow water vapour into the house and cool it down.
We hope the above-mentioned 6 tips can help cool down your house and let's go through this summer together!