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5 Reasons That Make Fall in Love with "SHERA Color Through"

If talking about the most popular product at the moment, it is almost impossible not to mention "SHERA Color Through," an innovative floor plank. Let's find out how advantageous SHERA Color Through is to the house owner and the technician.

1. Color: With the technology to color the material wholly from inside out, whether it is cut, pierced, nailed or scratched, the color can still be seen both inside and outside throughout its useful life. No need to repaint it at all.

2. The Feel of Natural Wood: SHERA Color Through is designed to be natural wood-liked both in terms of pattern and color. There are two patterns: Straight Grain Texture and Cassia Texture, and 4 hues inspired by natural wood: Hazelnut, Wenge Brown, Tropical Oak and Golden Sand Teak.

SHERA Color Through samples.

3. Strong and Durable: As beautiful as natural wood, SHERA Color Through is better because it is made of wood substitute (fibrecement), resisting termites effectively. Because of the world's widely used technology such as HatsCheck which makes it durable and flexible, and AutoClave which helps it get rid of moisture easily, SHERA Color Through is not sensitive to weather conditions, resistant to fire, sunlight and rain, and can be used both for interior and exterior purpose with a 50-year warranty.

SHERA Color Through for interior design.

SHERA Color Through for exterior design.

4. Installation: SHERA Color Through is flexible and not fragile, so it can be cut/nailed/pierced easily and can be installed both on a metal joist (at 40-50 cm.) and on concreter floor. It can be installed by screwing or by using special type of glue such as SHERA fix or SHERA bond.
Plus, SHERA Color Through can save lots of time as it is already painted from the factory and so can be installed right away.

Using SHERA fix is fast without screwing.

SHERA Color Through installed on a joist using SHERA fix.

5. Safety: SHERA Color Through and every other SHERA product are free from asbestos and other harmful chemicals, and are certified by several international organizations.
Produced under the Green Policy which focuses on energy saving and non-pollution production, the material is also environmentally friendly.

IssaraPanya School chose SHERA Color Through floor plank for a children corner.

SHERA products' standards.

Those who are interested in SHERA Color Through can look into the details and see beautiful samples project with SHERA products on the following website:
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