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SHERA Public Company Limited received the energy efficiency label for high efficiency on February 12, 2020

Ministry of Energy revealed "High efficiency energy saving label" supports "Energy for all" policy

Mr. Sonthirat Sonthichirawong, Minister of Energy presided over the ceremony to award the energy-efficient labels for 98 entrepreneurs who participated in the project at Miracle Convention Hotel on February 12, 2019.  For this year, SHERA Public Company Limited has received the Energy Saving Label for high efficiency for roof tile products from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency year 2019.

Labeled products will be certified by the Ministry of Energy as energy-saving products, using 10 to 30% less energy than conventional products in the market depending on the product type.  Selection of energy-saving products will help reduce energy expenditures in the long run resulting in increased income in compliant with the Energy For All policy.

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