What is FCS?

    FCS (Fibre Composite Solution)

    FCS is the new construction materials production Technology that was developed utilising our pool of Experience and knowledge and has achieved a wide Range of diversity and excellence as a construction solution.

  • SHERA Fibre Cement Technology

    SHERA Fibre Cement Technology

    The Technology Solution for all Construction Styles and Demands

    Fibre Cement composites are composed of Portland cement, silica, water and cellulose fibres. These composites are bonded through the Hatschek process, which was initially developed for the production of fibre cement composites that contained asbestos as an ingredient. However, this process is currently applied for use in the production of non-asbestos building products. Through this process, the natural fibres are treated in warm water that has been prepared as an alkaline solution (pH = 11-12.5) until they are separated. The separated fibres are mixed with cement, silica, water and some other materials. In this production process, moisture is removed from the fibre cement and is then left to dry in order to let it establish itself into a sheet like shape, layer by layer, until the desirable thickness and surface designs are obtained.

    Autoclave technology has been adopted into the production process of fibre cement composite manufacturing. In this system, all materials are treated with heat and very high pressure so that the structure and mass of the materials change and their physical and chemical properties alter, so that the end result is that they are become stronger and more effective as fiber cement building materials.

    For example, they will be stronger and firmer with less shrinkage, have a natural acid-base property (not being alkaline); more flexible; and will be easy and convenient to use. Various other raw materials can be added to improve certain properties as required, such as introducing a more diverse range of colours, fire-proof properties etc.

    For more information on the manufacturing process please feel free to contact us at living_clinic@sherasolution.com

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